Provence scented candle

Bring with a Provence scented candle a deep scent experience into your house. Because of the 10% perfume concentration the real scent will come free an helps you to relax completely.

You can order the Provence scented candle in 3 different scents in 3 different glasses. Choose your wanted scent and matching colour of the glass and completely relax with the Provence scented candles from Terapy

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Provence scented candle

In order to spread the Terapy feeling of relaxation throughout the house, we created three scented candles from Grasse. Each will enchant your home for up to 40 hours.

Different scents

Creates the feeling of relaxation

Burn up till 40 hours

Different delicious scentes

Wild Mint – Start your morning fresh with wild mint. This subtle and refreshing bite brings a cheerful feeling. Peach Valley – Give your day an extra twist with Peach Valley. Dream away for a moment and imagine yourself in a sweet peach vineyard. Persian Fig – Fire for a casual evening Persian Fig. Coming home in a calm and relaxed home is what this fragrance brings you.

The scent experience of the Provence scented candles

The Provence scented candles contain 10% perfume concentration. This is more than most scented candles and creates a deep fragrance experience. So that the pure and subtle scents give the room in which the scented candles burn an extra dimension. Each Terapy scented candle is made from a combination of different fragrance essences. These can be divided into three main groups: the top notes, middle notes and base notes.

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Provence scented candle

The top notes of the scented candles are the first to attract your attention and smell immediately. This specific smell disappears after a few minutes and slowly makes way for the middle notes of the scented candles, which form the core of the fragrance. These odors are stronger and deeper, making them more perceptible. Finally, the base notes of the scented candles penetrate. They determine the personality of the perfume and ensure the structure of the experience. This smell finally evaporates completely after a few days.


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