Dino beanbag

Beanbag Dino is the largest beanbag of the Terapy family. This XXL beanbag is wonderful to lie on and relax. With a size of 180 x 160 x 50 cm, beanbag Dino can safely be called a real XXL beanbag or recumbent bag. With this beanbag you can enjoy comfort and ergonomics. Dino is filled with specially developed high quality EPS granules. These granules contain less air, so our beanbags retain volume longer and the beanbag stays in place or lying comfortably. On beanbag Dino you can relax and recharge!

Additional information

Dimensions 180 × 160 × 50 cm (Ongeveer)


Dino beanbag

Dino beanbag is an mega XXL beanbag and the biggest in the Terapy family. A loveseat for in front of an fireplace, in the garden or as an additional bed.

XXL beanbag to lie down in

Washable cover

Ergonomic and comfortable

The Dino beanbag is very comfortable

Personal health and comfort are Terapy’s primary goals. All products are made of stretch cotton. This enables the beanbag to shape and adjusts to your body, providing comfort as well as back support.

Wash the Dino beanbag cover

As one will discover, Terapy will be used intensely. In case the beanbag gets stained, you can easily zip off the cover and wash it at 30 degrees celcius.

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Dino beanbag

This mega XXL beanbag is the largest beanbag of the Terapy family. A loveseat for the fireplace, in the garden or as an extra bed. Jump on Dino’s back and let your imagination run wild. In combination with Uli or Toby , you can turn this Dino into a huge lounge or four-person sofa. Our Dino beanbag consists of 2 times a Baloo beanbag in one beanbag cover. You can also convert Dino into 2 separate Baloo beanbags or if you already have two Baloo beanbags, you can convert them with a beanbag cover from Dino.

Throw the Dino beanbag in the wash!

As you will notice, intensive use will be made of the beanbag Dino if you have it at home. If there are stains on the beanbag , you can easily unzip the outer cover. You can easily wash this beanbag cover at 30 degrees and enjoy a fresh and clean XXL beanbag. Click here for more tips.

Beanbag Dino in a new color?

The cover is removable and washable. Are you ready for a change? Then choose a new color here .

Ergonomic, comfortable and wonderful to lie on

Health and comfort are paramount at Terapy. We believe that everyone deserves a moment of recharge. That is why we make ergonomic and comfortable products, in which you can relax and recharge. The cover of the large beanbag is distinguished by the soft fabric, which is made of stretchy cotton. As a result, the Dino molds to your body, absorbs your body heat and supports your back. The filling is also different. Our products are filled with specially developed high quality EPS granules. These granules contain less air, so they retain their volume longer and the beanbag stays in place.


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