Ergonomic beanbag

Are you looking for an ergonomic seat cushion, a beanbag good for the back, a comfortable beanbag that relieves all pressure points in your back? By regularly taking a moment for yourself and recharging in an ergonomic seat cushion, you not only ensure that back problems can be reduced. Your mind also needs the necessary relaxation in a comfortable beanbag. Because a healthy body contains a healthy mind! Are you looking for the right ergonomic beanbag for you? Then read now which 3 points you can pay attention to.

1. Comfortable sitting

First of all, it is important with an ergonomic seat cushion that you sit comfortably. When an ergonomic beanbag is not filled well enough, you quickly sink too deep and sometimes you are even almost on the floor. If you are looking for an ergonomic seat cushion to reduce back problems, for example, it is important that it is filled as full as possible. If you sit in such a fully filled ergonomic seat cushion, your back can be fully supported. As a result, the pressure points of your spine are relieved. The result of sitting comfortably in an ergonomic seat cushion is then optimal relaxation of your entire body.

2. The right size of the comfortable beanbag

Ergonomic seat cushions come in all sizes. In one model, you can sit upright, so the comfortable beanbag is good for your back when you’re reading a book or doing something else. In another model, you lie stretched out for total relaxation. And of course there are also models of ergonomic seat cushions available in which you can both sit and lie down. In the large Baloo beanbag, for example, you can sit upright, so that the ergonomic beanbag forms a chair. You can also lie in the teddy bear Baloo. Like all our ergonomic beanbags , this comfortable beanbag is made of stretchy cotton, so the ergonomic beanbag molds to any body and any position you want. The result is an ergonomic seat cushion good for your back.

3. Additional support

To achieve optimal effect of an ergonomic seat cushion, you can combine a comfortable beanbag with a beanbag backrest. By creating extra support in your back and under your arms, you ensure that even more muscles can relax, both while sitting and lying on the ergonomic beanbag. As a result, back problems can decrease and aches and pains subside. You can create extra support for an ergonomic seat cushion with the U-shaped ergonomic beanbag Uli, as well as with the elongated Toby beanbag good for your back.

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