Blue beanbags

The Terapy beanbag is known for two things: the relief of the spine and the cheerful colors. It is very important to us that you can relax in the beanbag and take a healthy posture. Because the beanbag is a striking part of your interior, the color is very important. Do you want an eyecatcher in a striking colour? Then choose a blue beanbag! With the colour blue you are always good, whether the blue bean bag is inside or outside. In our assortment we have two colours of blue, namely dark blue and turquoise.

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Our Terapy family in different colours
In our assortment we have many different types of blue bean bags. They all have their own forms and therefore their own qualities. Elly, Baloo, Sydney, Stanley, Ollie, Uli, Dino and Toby are all available in the colour blue! You can also combine the blue beanbag with one of our accessories, because these are also available in the same colour. That’s how you make a beautiful whole. You can also combine the Terapy beanbag playfully with a different colour.
Does the blue beanbag match your interior?
Do you find it difficult to make an estimate whether the blue beanbag fits your interior? We can understand that well and that is why we can send you a colour sample for free. This makes it easier to determine whether the blue bean bag fits the other furniture. Please contact us by telephone or e-mail. You can also drop by at our office in Amsterdam. Here you can see the exact colour and even test how delicious our blue beanbag is.
Beanbag for outside or inside
A blue beanbag will be very beautiful in the living room or nursery, but blue is also a beautiful colour in the garden in the summer. It has just a little more atmosphere to your garden than a neutral colour, such as black, gray or white. You can also use our bean bags for indoor use outside. Beware of rough surfaces, because our bean bags are made of a stretchable cotton. In addition, we recommend to put a towel on the beanbag, so that sun creams and the like cannot retract. Should the beanbag still get dirty? Throw the outer cover in the washing machine at 30 degrees and it is clean again. Enjoy extreme lounging in a large beanbag from Terapy in your spare time!

Is a blue beanbag not your colour at all? Take a look at our red beanbags, black bean bags or one of the many other colours.

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