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A Terapy beanbag is ideal if you have back problems or just want to sit comfortably. This beanbag is ergonomically designed and the covers are made of soft, stretchy cotton so that the beanbag molds perfectly to your body. As a result, sitting on a Terapy beanbag provides ultimate relaxation. Do you want more information? View the frequently asked questions or contact us.

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We make healthy ergonomic beanbags. Thanks to the stretchy cotton cover, the beanbag adapts to your body. This distributes your body weight and relieves the pressure on your spine. Our beanbags are recommended by several physiotherapists and often used by people with an intellectual or physical disability.

Our showroom is located in Nijkerk. Here you can see and try all our products from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 16:00. Let us know in advance that you are coming by, and we will prepare the coffee!


Choosing a color is always difficult, especially if you haven’t looked at the colors yet. We are happy to help you make the right choice by sending a color sample free of charge. Please contact our customer service for this.

Of course you can return the purchased products. Check out our returns page to see how you can best do that.

There is a six-month warranty on the zipper and seams of our products. For more information, see our terms and conditions.

With a small hole you can easily sew the cover with needle and thread, this does not affect the seating comfort. You can also try to repair larger holes with needle and thread. You can of course also choose to purchase a new outer cover. If you notice a hole in the outer cover upon receipt of the product, it is best to contact us by telephone. We will then send you a new cover.

With a small hole, you can easily sew up the cover with needle and thread. This does not affect the seating comfort. It is possible that some Styrofoam has fallen out of the beanbag through the hole in the inner cover. This is only a small part of the padding and this will not reduce seating comfort.

All our beanbags are filled with EPS granules, or polystyrene balls. This forms the basic raw material of Styrofoam. The polystyrene we use is not recycled, as is often the case with other beanbags. These are made of Styrofoam plates (to protect, for example, electrical equipment) that have been passed through a shredder. Our beanbags contain completely new material of good quality.

You can order the special EPS granules in our webshop. The granules are ideal to maintain the comfort level of your Terapy beanbag. The Styrofoam we use is of high quality and differs from the material with which other beanbags are usually filled. The use of other padding can therefore negatively affect the seating comfort.

We do everything we can to display our colors on our website if possible. Unfortunately, the colors may differ slightly with regard to the (online) images. If you are not completely satisfied with the color or is it different than expected? No problem! Contact us and we will solve it together.

Usage recommendations

You can wash the outer cover of the beanbag at 30 degrees in the washing machine. To avoid any color difference, we recommend washing the entire outer cover, instead of removing the stain with a damp cloth. You cannot wash the inner cover. Otherwise, thousands of Styrofoam balls will flow into your home. If there are stains on the inner cover, it is best to remove it with a damp cloth.

This depends on the intensity of use. With normal use, this is about one year. In addition, of course, it also depends on everyone’s own preference. Some people prefer to sit in a softer beanbag and even take out some Styrofoam beforehand.

To refill the product, first remove the outer cover. Then you can unzip the inner cover. After this, cut off a corner of the bag where the Styrofoam is delivered. Through the funnel opening you can use the beanbag with new Styrofoam. During refilling, it can happen that a few Styrofoam balls slip out. We therefore recommend that you place the product in a place where you have the space and can easily vacuum.

You can also use all our products outdoors. Just keep in mind that the outer cover is made of stretchy cotton. Avoid rough surfaces and do not leave the product in the rain. In addition, we do not recommend that you lie on the product wet or rubbed with (sunscreen) cream. It is better to put a towel between them. If the product has become dirty, you can easily remove the outer cover and wash it at 30 degrees.

Not all pets are the same. That is why it is difficult for us to estimate whether your dog or cat will damage the product. One cat likes to lie in Terapy, the other puts his nails in it. You can choose to put the beanbag in a room where your pet does not go. If your pet does damage the outer cover, you can easily repair it with needle and thread. This is not at the expense of seating comfort.

That’s not too bad. The product will attract some dust, but the cover can be easily vacuumed or washed. In addition, you can spray the beanbag with a special dust-repellent spray.

The outer cover can be put around the inner cover by one person. Although sometimes our family members can be a bit wild. That is why it is more convenient to put the cover around it in pairs. 1. Turn the cover inside out. 2. Place each hand in one of the points of the outer cover. 3. Then grab each one point of the inner cover, including some of the filling in the tip. 4. Pull the outer cover over the inner cover, until half is covered. 5. Turn the whole thing over and push some of the filling into the cover. 6. Grab each one side. Then lift the beanbag up and shake it at the same time, so that the inner cover sinks further into the outer cover. 7. Then close the zipper together and make sure that the points of the inner cover are well in the points of the outer cover. It’s difficult at first, but practice makes perfect!

Many mothers use the Uli as a feeding pillow. Because this model is larger than a normal feeding pillow, both mother and child receive optimal support.

Terapy is ideal for children! You’ll see, they can’t get rid of it.

Getting up from a beanbag is a bit more difficult because the product forms with you and because you are low to the ground in some positions. When getting up, it is best to take off with two hands at the same time, or roll off on your knees on the side. In addition, you can also sit higher on Baloo. Your knees make an angle of 90 degrees, making it easier to get up.

Put Baloo in an upright position. Stand with your back against the beanbag. Bend your knees, lean back and sit down in Baloo.

You can make a double sofa by combining the beanbag with two Ulis. Together with Toby, you can even turn it into a three-person sofa. In this case, you have to place the beanbag against a wall.

Make sure the zipper and two corners of the beanbag are on the floor. Pull up one point of the beanbag, while pushing the other point into the beanbag. Now you can sit down in the teardrop-shaped Elly.

Payment and delivery

We deliver all products throughout Europe within three working days, in the Netherlands you can often expect your order the next day. Do you need the product the next day? Please contact us and we will see what we can do for you.

Yes, that is possible at our office in Nijkerk. We are open from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 16:00. You can always come by to view and try out our products. Let us know in advance that you will come by.

We deliver throughout Europe. For some (egg) countries there are extra shipping costs.

When you place an order, you can choose from various payment options: iDEAL, Bancontact / Mister Cash, VISA / Mastercard, PayPal, prepayment, Sofort Banking and Giropay. Is something not working with the payment? Please contact us.

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