Beanbag size 100 x 150 cm

Don’t know which size beanbag suits you best? Then you can pay attention to 2 factors during the decision-making process, your own height and the size of the room in which the size of beanbag is important.

Beanbag size 100x150cm

By far the most sold beanbag is the size beanbag 100x150cm. This size beanbag is ideal to sit in on your own. People often think that this size beanbag is only suitable for children, but in practice it turns out that this size beanbag for adults is also extremely suitable. Due to the light materials with which the beanbag 100×150 is made, you can easily move it around the house and this size beanbag forms an extra chair next to the sofa, for the fireplace or in the garden. Because this size beanbag is not only suitable as a beanbag inside, a beanbag 100×150 can be moved with ease so that it can also be used as a beanbag outside in the garden.

Large size beanbags

Do you have space in the house, are you taller than average, or do you like to lie in a large beanbag, either together or alone, then a size beanbag XXL is better suited. There are several large size beanbags available. First of all, it is important to see how you want to use the large size beanbag. Then you can focus your attention on all the different multi-person beanbag sizes out there.

Baloo, Ollie or Dino

Baloo is ideal for tall people to sit upright, stretch out or as a multi-person size beanbag sofa. Ollie is a round sized beanbag, which you can enjoy alone or together with someone. And the largest size beanbag out there is Dino. This size beanbag forms a real island that can accommodate a whole family. You can also use this huge size beanbag as a sofa or as a lying beanbag. In addition, Dino has the additional advantage that the inner part of this enormous size beanbag consists of two inner covers. As a result, you can always make two separate Baloo size beanbags.

Additional support

To create extra support, you can combine both the size beanbag 100×150 and a large size beanbag with a beanbag backrest. This extra support in your back and under your arms relieves the pressure points of your spine, resulting in a relaxed back. No matter what size beanbag you are sitting or lying in, ergonomic sitting position and total relaxation allow you to recharge and recharge your batteries for the rest of the day. Recharge in the beanbag!

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