Brown beanbags

The brown beanbag is there to serve you so use it as an escape pod for your busy life! We think it is important that you can fully recharge and our ergonomic brown bean bag ensures that your back is well supported. Of course, you also want the bean bag to fit well in your interior and it is important that you find a colour that you are happy with. That’s why you can buy bean bags in 15 different colours. Are you going for a colour that suits everything and is warm and stylish? Then choose a brown bean bag. This immediately gives your interior a chic look.

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Since 119,96

Our Terapy family in different colours
In our collection we have many different types of brown bean bags. You can order all these brown bean bags in different shapes and sizes so rest assured that you will find a brown bean bag that will please. Elly, Baloo, Sydney, Stanley, Ollie, Uli, Dino and Toby are available in the colour brown! You can also combine the brown bean bag with one of our accessories such as a tablet pillow for your iPad. Of course, you can also combine your brown bean bag with a different colour.
Is the brown beanbag fit into your interior?
We can imagine that you would like to get a better idea whether the brown bean bag would fit in your room. We can help you with this by sending you a colour sample free of charge. As a result, you can better determine whether the brown bean bag is in fact as nice as you have in mind. Please contact us by phone or e-mail to obtain the colour swatch You can also drop by at our office in Amsterdam. Here you can see the brown bean bag and immediately have a glimpse at the different models and tests which suits you best. You can then immediately pick up the brown bean bag home with you.
Brown Bean bag for every room
A brown bean bag is very nice in the living room. It actually combines with all other colours. The brown bean bag is also very good if you have a lot of wood in your interior. Brown is a colour that absorbs light and is therefore considered to be a warm colour. If you want to read more about what warm or cool colours do with your interior check out this blog: And although brown is a colour that won’t get dirty quickly, if it does you can easily clean it and remove and wash the covers if necessary. Simply throw the outer cover in the washing machine at 30. That way everyone can relax in a clean brown bean bag!

Is a brown bean bag eventually not quite your colour and do you want another colour? Take a look at our grey beanbags, offwhite bean bags or one of the many other colours.

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