Paddy tablet pillow

With the Paddy tablet pillow you can put down your tablet wherever you like without worries. Because of this soft pillow you can place the tablet the way you like it, both horizontal or vertical.

You can order the Paddy tablet pillow in 5 different colours with een soft cotton cover. This cover is washable at 30 degrees celcius.

Additional information

Dimensions 25 × 15 cm (Ongeveer)


Paddy tablet pillow

Ideal to use on one of the Terapy beanbags, couch, in bed or on the table. With this Paddy tablet pillow your tablet will always stand in the right position so you can watch your favourite show on it. Because of the soft pillow, you can place your tablet the way you like it.

Ideal holder for your tablet

Washable cover

Extra soft because of airy EPS-grains



Wash the cover of the Paddy tablet pillow

If you use the Paddy tablet pillow frequently, there is a chance that it wil get stains on it. Luckilly you can unzip the cover of the Paddy tablet pillow and wash it on 30 degrees celcius. Because of this you can always enjoy a clean Paddy tablet pillow.

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