Beanbag filling

The beanbags from Terapy are filled with EPS-grains that provides a soft feeling. When you want to (re)fill your beanbag because it became to airy of to soft for you, than you can (re)fill your beanbag with fresh EPS-grains.

You can choose out of the two bags with different contents of 100 liter or 350 liter. In this way you will always have enough grains to fill your beanbag.

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Beanbag filling

Fill your beanbag with our special designed new EPS-grains. In this way you can enjoy in no time your well (re)filled Terapy beanbag.

Special designed EPS-grains

Contains little air, causing that the form of the beanbag is preserved.

The grains provide a 'floating feeling'

Special designed EPS-grains

All the beanbags of Terapy are filled with EPS-grains (also: expanded polystyrene). This material forms the basic raw material of styrofoam. The EPS-grains that are used by Terapy are not recycled, so the quality will not be lost. Therefore Terapy uses fresh and new materials of the best quality to ensure the quality of the beanbags.

(Re)fill your beanbag

When you want to (re)fill your beanbag with new and fresh EPS-grains, unzip then easily the outer cover and then also the inner cover. After that you can cut a corner out of the bag with the new EPS-grains so you can create a funnel effect to make the filling more easy. The last tip is to fill you beanbag in room with enough space. There is a change you will spill some grains during the filling process and with a lot of space you can vacuum clean more easy afterwards.

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Beanbag filling

The beanbags are filled with EPS-grains to ensure the soft feeling. When you want to refill your beanbag because it is getting to airy, than is it possible to refill it with new and fresh EPS-grains. You have the choise out of two different bags with EPS-grains, namely 100 liter and 350 liter.


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