Sydney beanbag

The Sydney beanbag from Terapy offers al lot of comfort and is very ergonomic. The beanbag forms completely to your body so you experience the best back support.

You can order the Sydney beanbag in 15 different colours. In the mood of a change? You can unzip the cover of the beanbag and order a different colour cover.

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Dimensions 60 × 60 × 60 cm (Ongeveer)


Sydney beanbag

Sydney is the youngest addition to our family. A nice little beanbag suited for the entire household. Sydney can be used anywhere inside the house. Sydney is the perfect beanbag for little children, or the parents taking a quick moment to relax.

The youngest member of the Terapy family

Washable cover

Ergonomic and comfortable

Wash the cover of the beanbag

This Sydney beanbag will be used a lot when you got one at home. Therefore is it possible that the Sydney beanbag can become stained. Luckily you can unzip the cover from the beanbag and wash it at 30 degrees celcius.

New colour!

The outer cover is removable, washable and easily replaceable. Change of scenery? Choose one of 15 available cover colours of the Sydney beanbag.

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Sydney beanbag

Ergonomic beanbag

Personal health and comfort are Terapy’s primary goals. All products are made of stretch cotton. This enables the beanbag to shape and adjusts to your body, providing comfort as well as back support.
We believe that everybody deserves a moment of recharge. Therefore your health and personal comfort are the most important requirements to our family of beanbags. The smooth fabric used for the outer covers is what makes this family of beanbags stand out. The fabric is a special blend of stretch cotton, which enables the bag to shape itself according to the body and absorb its current body temperature. Another distinguishing factor lies in its filling, consisting of special manufactured EPS beans. These beans contain less air, therefore allowing greater durability and everlasting comfort.


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